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Dealership Marketing has a wide potential to boost any companies sheer reach and impact. At Dealership Marketing, we have professional social media marketers who will give your brand a powerful social media campaigns that reach, grab, and retain customers that result in solid sales. Our marketers know what drives the market and use promotional offers, trending topics, storytelling, and attention-grabbing content to reach and engage your audience.


Engagements on social media, such as  shares, likes and comments, demonstrate that customers are viewing your content. Brands of all sizes need social media engagement. The first duty of your dedicated social media manager is to create interesting and engaging posts that will boost traffic to your pages. Our goal is to establish a relationship with your audience through analysis, strategy development, and sharing of value posts. The originality of the brand is paramount to everything we do. 


We attract and retain your audience with enticing fun, creating curiosity and excitement about your brand. We create engaging contests, competitive polls, media upload challenges, and catchy hashtags. Tested and proven techniques for marketing will etch your product or service into the hearts and minds of your audience. Obtaining their loyalty is our top goal, knowing that loyal customers tend to share, resulting in higher sales.


Facebook Marketplace

We use a variety of platforms and sub platforms, to market your cars. The more places we can show potential customers your inventory, the more solid leads you can turn into purchasing customers.

Engaging post

We use programs like Adobe photoshop, to create special digital flyers and engaging post to share across all social media platforms. 

Customer Engagement

We will engage with customers on a basic level. Since we know your inventory and have access to your inventory application, we can give up to date info to your customers before turning them into solid leads.

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